Sheriff's Office

Volunteer Opportunities With Washoe County Sheriff's Office

The Washoe County Sheriff's Office offers a variety of opportunities for volunteers. This agency values the volunteers who work with us and assist us in meeting our goal of providing a safe, secure community. Volunteers bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the agency and they provide a service to the community.

If you are interested in more detailed information, read the brief descriptions below and click on the area of interest to you:

Detention: Work directly with inmates to provide counseling, educational guidance, mentoring or religious services.

Search and Rescue: Perform search and rescue functions, assists in major events, maintains the fleet of specialty vehicles, conduct CDL training for the department, and provide logistical help to other divisions and agencies.

Citizen Corps:

  • FREE Training: Volunteers receive free training on emergency preparedness and disaster response through the Washoe County Sheriff's Office CERT Academy. This is a free training program providing 26 hours of training over six days. To enroll call Joe Olaciregui, CCP Program Coordinator at 775-325-6928.
  • Community Emergency Response Team: Volunteers provide all hazards response under the guidance of professional first responders. They are trained in disaster preparedness, fire safety, emergency medical, search and rescue, incident command structure, disaster psychology and terrorism. (CERT)
  • Rail Auxiliary Team (RAT Pack): Volunteers provide rail safety and security on the many critical areas of rail crossings, tracks, and stations. They are trained in rail sfaety awareness, rail suicide awareness, and recognition of rail threats.
  • Citizens Homeland Security Committee: Volunteers are trained to recognize and to understand what would be considered a terrorist threat as well as what to do should an attack occur. (CHCS)