Sheriff's Office

Detention Services Unit

Detention Services Unit (DSU)

In an effort to reduce recidivism and the overall crime rates, the Detention Services Unit DSU was formed in June 2019 to establish connections with community providers to enhance release services and increase successful transition back into the community. Community members and inmates, alike, may find valuable resources derived from these partnerships in this Community Resource Guide

The Sheriff’s Office plays an important role in helping those in need connect with agencies that provide essential services necessary for success. As part of these efforts, the Sheriff’s Office has hosted two Community Resource Fairs, bringing over 60 local agencies together in one place, at one time, in order to provide answers to questions about what resources are available in our community.

Naloxone kits were acquired for inmates upon release from detention to prevent opioid overdose. Since the program started, 106 inmates have received this life saving nasal spray. The unit also partnered with Northern Nevada HOPES to provide easy access to medical care for inmates released from the jail. The Medication Assisted Treatment Program (MAT) is a combination of medication and behavioral therapy. It is an effective, evidence-based treatment option for individuals with alcohol and opioid use disorders.


Inmate Assistance Program (IAP)

The Inmate Assistance Program (IAP) works in partnership with the courts, parole & probation, detention medical staff, substance abuse programs and community service agencies to identify and effectuate suitable alternatives to incarceration for inmates. This includes placement into treatment programs, arranging travel to family, support groups and/or connecting with appropriate services.

IAP also addresses the issues of the homeless within the population of the Washoe County Detention Facility. The goal is to help alleviate homelessness among inmates pending release from our custody. With this effort we hope to reduce recidivism and assist the inmates in becoming productive members of the community.