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Citizen's Homeland Security Council (CHSC)

Joe Olaciregui, CCP Coordinator
(775) 325-6928

The Citizen's Homeland Security Council was developed in response to 9/11. It's intended to give local citizens a basic education about terrorism: what it looks like, what we have here in Nevada, what to report, etc. The more that we educate and involve our community about terrorism - both domestic and foreign - the better prepared we will be. Council volunteers are trained to recognize and understand what would be considered a terrorist threat, as well as what to do should an attack occur. These trained volunteers make our community safer and more secure. We like to call CHSC, "neighborhood watch, with a terrorism focus, on a community-wide scale."

CHSC members receive training in the following topics:

  • Introduction to Homeland Security
  • Roots of Terrorism
  • Local Efforts to Combat Terrorism
  • The Islamic Terrorist Threat in America
  • Observation and Threat Recognition
  • The Domestic Terrorist Threat in America

CHSC instructors have the education and experience to bring an overwhelming amount of "hands on" skills and background in their training topic. Instructor backgrounds include former CIA, military, and law enforcement personnel.

For more information contact:

Joe Olagiregui at (775) 325-6928

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