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Protect and Serve: Become a Reserve

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By day you are a mechanic, a businessperson, a lawyer, a realtor, a doctor/nurse, a teacher, or any number of other important occupations that make up our great community.
You enjoy your work, but at the end of your day you have a calling to serve your community in a meaningful way.  If you are one of these people, the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office may have the perfect volunteer opportunity for you…as a Washoe County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Reserve.

Life as a Deputy Reserve offers you challenges, excitement, variety, teamwork, and significant personal rewards. Being a WCSO Deputy Reserve is one of the most gratifying and valued volunteer opportunities in law enforcement; you are a respected and important part an agency built on honor, integrity, courage and community service and engagement.
The Washoe County Sheriff’s Office is seeking men and women who will continue in their chosen careers, while volunteering to serve and protect our community as reserve law enforcement. We are also looking for retired career law enforcement or military officers who would like to contribute their knowledge, skills and abilities on a part-time basis.

Does this sound like you? Read on…
What do I need to do to become a Deputy Reserve? 

  1. First you will need to meet minimum qualifications:
    1. Graduation from high school or possession of a General Education Development (G.E.D.) certificate.
    2. Must be 21 years of age at the time of the start of academy training.
    3. A valid driver's license is required at the time of appointment and for continued appointment in this position.
    4. Is a citizen of the United States.
Note: Possession of a current Nevada Peace Offers Standards and Training Committee (P.O.S.T.) Category I Basic or Nevada P.O.S.T. Reserve Basic Certificate is desirable but not necessary.
  1. Pass a Physical Abilities Test (PAT) Click for more information on our PAT requirements.
  1. Background Investigation - Candidates must complete a Personal History Statement covering all aspects of the candidate’s history including employment, education, legal, financial, driving, military and family. Information will be verified by an investigator. Honesty and trustworthiness are hallmark characteristics of a Deputy Reserve Sheriff. Click HERE for a self-screening checklist.
  2. CVSA (Computer Voice Stress Analysis) Examination - Selected candidates will be required to take a CVSA examination to verify information provided in the Background investigation. The examination is conducted by a certified CVSA Examiner.
  3. Medical Examination and Drug Screening - Selected candidates will be required to have a physical examination and drug testing performed by a physician designated by the Sheriff. In most cases, the WCSO will cover the cost of this examination. Certain conditions may disqualify a candidate from consideration.
  4. Successful completion of the Reserve Deputy Academy (120 hours of training): This training is free to qualified candidates.
Once I become a Deputy Reserve, what will I be doing? Despite the part-time service, you are a full-time asset to us! Under the direction of our sworn Deputies, our Deputy Reserves will;
  • Observe activities in an assigned area to maintain order, deter crime and/or traffic violations, enforce laws, and take enforcement action as appropriate.
  • Respond to calls for service, evaluate the situation, and implement appropriate action, including arrest, mediation between parties, emergency medical aid, and referral to other agencies.
  • Investigate observed or reported crimes, traffic accidents and offenses, and other incidents to determine the relevant factors of the crime committed.
  • Write reports documenting information gathered and actions taken as a result of calls for service, investigations, field interviews, citations, arrests, service for civil process, use of force, and inmate disturbances.
  • Regulate crowds at public gatherings, special events, and major disasters.
  • Testify at judicial proceedings and administrative hearings to present evidence and information relevant to the proceedings.
  • Maintain security at crime scenes and accidents.
  • Assist the Civil Section by serving and executing civil and criminal process, including search warrants, warrants for arrest, and civil papers such as writs, evictions, and subpoenas.
Performance Requirements:
  • Serve a minimum of sixteen (16) hours as the second deputy in a Patrol capacity as needed each month or collectively serve a total of 192 hours for the year.
  • Attend monthly meetings and scheduled training classes.
  • Serve a minimum of 24 hours in a community service related activity.
Equipment Requirements:  The WCSO will provide;
  • One long sleeve uniform shirt with shoulder patches
  • One short sleeve uniform shirt with shoulder patches
  • One pair of uniform trousers and belt
  • Bullet proof vest
  • Service cap and cap badge
  • One breast badge (deposit required)
  • One necktie
  • One tie bar, and
  • One identification card
Each Deputy Reserve will need to purchase-
  • Duty belt
  • Duty weapon and holster
  • Magazine holder
  • Handcuff pouch, mace holder,
  • Flashlight and holder
  • Baton and holder,
  • Radio holder and belt keepers
  • Boots
  • Cap/Hat
  • Digital tape recorder
  • Coat

A New Day, a New Challenge. As a Deputy Reserve, you are the most respected ambassador of the Sheriff’s Office. Being a Reserve Deputy means not only fighting crime but also building ties and working closely with members of our community. You provide public assistance and encourage good relationships between the public and law enforcement. You sometimes encounter people at their worst.  Believe it or not, you have a unique opportunity to help people solve problems to keep them out of our criminal justice system.
Back to the Future. And if you are interested in law enforcement as a career and would like to gain experience while awaiting your opportunity to serve as a full-time Deputy, this is the perfect entry point. Deputy Reserves hold the same authority as a full time police officer while working under the supervision of a commissioned Deputy Sheriff; making it an ideal environment to pursue a future in law enforcement.
Reserve deputies receive no monetary compensation for their participation in the Reserve Deputy Sheriff Program. NAC (Nevada Administrative Code)289.065 which states: “ “Reserve officer” means any peace officer who performs some of the duties of a peace officer with the immediate supervision of a certified officer and is not employed by the agency on a full-time basis.”
Class Schedule:
Class schedules can vary, but usually include at least one mid- week evening class and at least one full weekend day over a 15 week period. Classes are typically held at the Regional Public Safety Training Center, 5190 Spectrum Blvd, Reno, Nevada.
Recruits must complete a minimum of 120 hours of training to receive their POST Reserve Certificate (NAC 289.170).
Upon completion of a Reserve Academy, reserve deputies are put through a modified field/facility training program to ensure they are each properly trained and qualified for duty.

How To Apply: Complete the application here.  
In order for you to be considered for this program, you must complete the Washoe County Sheriff's Office Application for Reserve Deputy Sheriff. It is your responsibility to provide specific, accurate, and complete information describing how you meet the minimum qualifications in your original application materials, as no additional information will be considered after the filing deadline. A resume may be submitted in addition to, but not in lieu of, any portion of the application. The final acceptance of the successful applicant will be made by the Washoe County Sheriff's Office.