Sheriff's Office

Reporting Graffiti in Washoe County

The most effective way you can report and abate graffiti is to download our Apple or Android Washoe County Sheriff's Office app on your smart device. You can go to the Google Playstore or the Apple Store, type in Washoe County Sheriff and download the FREE app. If you see graffiti in your neighborhood, just click on the Graffiti Abatement button on the app. You can then take a photo of the graffiti which will be sent (along with the GPS coordinates) to the Sheriff's Office. Although not required, we ask if you could please type in your name and phone number with the photo in the event we have questions.

Download the App to report Graffiti:

 Available on the App Store             Get it on Google Play

1. File a report: If you would like to report graffiti, use the electronic form, filed under e-reports. Include in your report if you are the property owner and would like the graffiti removed. If you are the property owner or agent and would like the graffiti removed please complete STEP 2.
2. File a Graffiti  Waiver/Removal Request Form: click on link below and fill in the requested information and submit the form for removal. File a Graffiti Removal Request Form