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Catalytic Anti-Theft Program

Welcome to the Washoe County Catalytic Converter Online Registration. 

Catalytic Converter thefts have become a Nationwide problem. At the Washoe County Sheriff's Office, we want to deter as many thefts as possible. 

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The BUSINESS application is only for businesses defined by NRS 647.145 (A cable, broadband, telecommunications, telephone, telegraph, gas, water, electric, or transportation company or county, city, or other political subdivision of Nevada engaged in furnishing utility service.) For all other applications, use the INDIVIDUAL application.    

Thefts of catalytic converters have increased 270% over the last year Countywide.

The Washoe County Sheriff's Office has started the Catalytic Anti-theft Program to discourage catalytic converters thefts through community involvement and a high visibility recognition program. The Catalytic Anti-Theft Program offers Washoe County Citizens and Business owners the ability to get a customized paintable stencil for their catalytic converter. 

Once you complete your application, it is sent to Washoe County personnel, who will print your personalized Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) stencil.

You will receive your VIN stencil with directions on applying it and a list of automotive service centers providing the application at no cost.

The stencil is applied to the catalytic converter and painted over with bright-colored high-temperature paint. 

Counties nationwide are reporting seeing a significant decrease in theft of painted catalytic converts verse non-painted ones.   

Additionally, suppose an individual has their painted catalytic converter stolen. In that case, they will notify their local Law Enforcement Agency and inform them the catalytic converter is marked with the vehicle's VIN allowing the catalytic converter to be entered into a data base and making it traceable by law enforcement nationwide.

If Law Enforcement encounters individual(s) with painted cut catalytic converters, law enforcement can identify and locate the victim by the VIN. This connection provides the nexus law enforcement needs to prosecute the criminal act.

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