Sheriff's Office

Inmate Work Programs

Mike Sherak, Inmate Work Program Supervisor 
Main Phone: (775) 325-6426

Inmate Work Crews include offenders sentenced to the jail who do not qualify for placement in an Alternative to Incarceration program. These individuals are being held on misdemeanor charges and are housed in the Detention Facility. Assignments to work crews are processed in the Sheriff’s Community Work Program Office. Inmates are evaluated by medical personnel and the Inmate Management Unit for qualification for this program. The inmate’s record is reviewed for eligibility, limitations, classification level, criminal history, and previous jail disciplinary action.

Inmate Work Crews are tasked with graffiti removal, landscaping, setup and tear down of special events and snow removal for the elderly and/or disabled.  Inmates also perform maintenance and janitorial duties within the facility.  Inmates are supervised by trained Program Leaders.  This has allowed the facility to remain one of the cleanest and well-maintained of its kind.  The inmates on the Work Crews can be identified by the striped uniforms worn while working outside the detention facility.

The Washoe County Sheriff's Office is committed to uphold our mission to consistently earn the public's confidence by providing a safe and secure community.