Employment at the Washoe County Sheriff's Office

Can you picture yourself here?

Can you picture yourself here? So can we…

Whether you are looking for a career for the first time, changing careers or returning from military service, deciding what career is right for you can be confusing. The right choice can offer you the right opportunities; professional advancement, a rewarding work environment, diversity in job options, service to your community and attractive benefits.   At the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office we understand that these opportunities are an important part of your career building plan.

The Sheriff’s Office is the premiere law enforcement agency in northern Nevada, and is committed to providing the highest quality police service and protection to our residents and visitors of Washoe County.  We are looking for career seekers who understand problem solving, critical thinking, are disciplined, good communicators, display integrity, honesty and commitment, want to make a difference and have a desire to serve their community.

If you feel that we are a good match, we can offer you a variety of exciting and challenging career opportunities that make a difference in the community in which you work, live and play.

We're also excited to share that the Sheriff's Office was recently recognized by the University of Nevada, Reno as one of the top places to work in northern Nevada! Click here for more information: http://www.ihirenv.com

There are many ways you can connect with us.

  • You can Apply for positions currently available on-line by clicking HERE which will lead you to the Washoe County Human Resources website. (We can only accept online applications. Resumes can be attached when you apply online).  If the position you are looking for isn’t available, you can fill out a Job Interest Card.
  • You can complete our Job Interest Card by clicking HERE.  We maintain a list of those interested in a position at the Sheriff’s office for 18 months. We notify everyone in that database the next time that position becomes available.
  • You can Contact our Human Resources at (775) 328-2081 or cmcbride@washoecounty.us
  • Qualified people who might be interested in becoming a Reserve Volunteer Deputy Sheriff can contact Lt. Bill Ames at (775) 321-4948.

Want to know more?

Below we have a brief outline of our benefits as well as some tools and resources that can help you successfully apply for a position at the Sheriff’s Office:

  • Sheriff’s Office Benefits
  • Click HERE for Job Specifications for frequently hired positions
    • Deputy Recruit
    • Deputy
    • Sheriff Support Specialist
    • Office Assistant I
    • Office Assistant II
    • Office Assistant III
    • Communication Specialists (911 Dispatcher)
    • Inmate Work Program Leader
  • Applying and testing for positions with the Sheriff’s Office
  • Prequalification:  Backgrounds, CVSA, Medical Examination and Drug Screening
  • If you're not sure if this is the right career for you, click HERE for more information.
  • Special requirements for Deputy Recruit and certified Deputy (Category I) Positions:
    • Minimum qualifications to apply and selection process
    • Self-Screening Checklist
    • Physical Abilities Testing is required and consists of exercises to measure an individual's strength, endurance, and agility. Click HERE for physical abilities requirements.
    • Written Examination – All applicants with the exception of Deputy Sheriff Reserve candidates must take and pass a written examination (upon successful completion of the above Physical Abilities Test).  Click HERE for the study guide
    • Click HERE for information on the Northern Nevada Law Enforcement Academy for Deputy Recruits.

By embracing change and diversity, the Sheriff’s Office creates a workplace capable of motivating, developing and rewarding employees to achieve success.  We are an equal opportunity employer and hire without regard for race, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age or disability. We leverage the skills and talents of our people across the organization and continuously strive to develop our employees both personally and professionally. We share best practices, encourage innovative thinking and make decisions that are best for the organization as a whole.

If you can picture yourself as part of our team, then please apply or fill out the online job interest card today!


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