Civil Service Charge Schedule

Main Phone: (775) 328-3310


Service Charges may be paid in cash, personal/business check, money order, cashier’s checks, or credit card (credit card fees apply).  No out-of-state personal checks will be accepted for service charges.  Personal checks must be made payable to: Washoe County Sheriff's Office (WCSO). Returned checks will be brought to the attention of the Washoe County District Attorney's Office.

NO REFUNDS will be issued.  There is no refund for an unsuccessful service.  We retain the fee for processing and due diligence for attempts made. 

For questions regarding service charges, please contact the Civil Section at 775-328-3310. 

The service charge schedule below is dictated and posted per NRS 248.275:

Effective 7/1/2019
For serving a summons or complaint, or any other process, by which an action or proceeding is commenced on every defendant
$17.00 + Mileage*
For serving a subpoena, for each witness summoned
$15.00 + Mileage*
For serving every order
$15.00 + Mileage*
For serving one notice required by law before the commencement of a proceeding for any type of eviction
$26.00 + Mileage*
For serving not fewer than 2 nor more than 10 such notices to the same location, each eviction notice
$20.00 + Mileage*
For serving not fewer than 11 nor more than 24 such notices to the same location, each eviction notice
$17.00 + Mileage*
For serving 25 or more such notices to the same location, each eviction notice
$15.00 + Mileage*
Eviction Lockout Order (Posting of Order)
$21.00 + Mileage*
Eviction Lockout Order (Execution of Order)
$21.00 + Mileage*
Writ of Execution (includes Writ $15.00 and Writ of Garnishment $15.00 plus mailing of notice $2.00)
$32.00 + Mileage*
Writ of Attachment (includes Writ $15.00 and Order $15.00 plus mailing of notice $2.00)
$32.00 + Mileage*
Writ of Possession or Restitution (includes Writ $21.00 and Order $15.00) 
$36.00 + Mileage*
Certified Mail (per mailing)
USPS rate
$3.00 per page
*Mileage (not to exceed $20.00)
$2.00 per mile


To determine the mileage fee please utilize any common internet mapping program, following the instructions provided below:

  • The starting address is always the Second Judicial District Court at 75 Court Street, Reno, NV 89501
  • Enter the address where the paperwork is to be served as the destination
  • Round up to the next whole number (ie: 6.1 miles rounds up to 7 miles)
  • Mileage is $2 per mile, not to exceed $20. Multiply the number of miles by $2 (ie: 7 miles x $2 = $14)
  • Milage is only calculated one-way, there is no charge for the return trip
  • Add the mileage to the base fee for the type of document to be served (see above)
  • This is will be the total service charge

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