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Jan 10, 2022 - 7:46AM

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Washoe County Sheriff’s Office continues efforts to reduce distracted driving by participating in statewide Joining Forces campaign

Sarah Johns
Washoe County Sheriff's Office
Office: 775-785-6235
Cell: 775-391-0407

As part of ongoing statewide efforts to reduce easily avoidable crashes and tragedies on Nevada’s roadways, the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office is joining forces with other Nevada law enforcement agencies to heighten enforcement, and awareness, of the state’s distracted driving laws.  

From January 10th  – January 22nd, 2022, the Sheriff’s Office will dedicate extra deputies to specifically look for distracted drivers.

FOCUS is one of the most important factors to arriving safely at your destination. It only takes an instant to turn a routine trip into a life-altering tragedy and distracted driving remains a serious issue when it comes to safety on our streets and highways.

Do Your Part:

The Governors Highway Safety Association provides the following tips to help limit driving distractions and increase safety:

  • Turn it off. Turn your phone off or switch to silent mode before you get in the car.
  • X the Text. Don’t ever text and drive, surf the web or read your email while driving. It is dangerous and against the law in most states.
  • Spread the word. Set up a special message to tell callers that you are driving, and you’ll get back to them as soon as possible, or sign up for a service that offers this.
  • If you need to make a call, find a legal and safe place to pull over and park first.
  • Use your passengers. Ask a passenger to make the call for you.
  • Review maps and directions before you start to drive. If you need help when you are on the road, ask a passenger to help or pull over to a safe location to review the map/directions again.
  • Secure your pets. Pets can be a big distraction in the car. Always secure your pets properly before you start to drive.
  • Keep the kids safe. Pull over to a safe location to address situations with your children in the car.
  • Focus on the task at hand. Refrain from smoking, eating, drinking, reading and any other activity that takes your mind and eyes off the road.

Funding for these extra patrols is made possible by a Joining Forces grant received from the Nevada Department of Public Safety/Office of Traffic Safety. Joining Forces is a multi-jurisdictional law enforcement program aimed at reducing injuries and crashes through statewide enforcement in the areas of: DUI, speed, distracted driving, seat belt and pedestrian safety. The goal of these enforcement campaigns is to save lives by increasing public awareness about the dangers of making poor choices while driving.

For more information about Nevada’s distracted driving laws, visit the state’s Zero Fatalities website.


The Washoe County Sheriff's Office is dedicated to preserving a safe and secure community with professionalism, respect, integrity and the highest commitment to equality. Sheriff Darin Balaam is the 27th person elected to serve as the Sheriff of Washoe County since the Office was created in 1861. The Washoe County Sheriff's Office strives to ensure public safety by building trust and creating partnerships within the diverse communities in which we serve. We will promote the dignity of all people supported by our words and actions through open communication while fostering an environment of professionalism, integrity and mutual respect.


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