Report Graffiti in Washoe County

Graffiti Removal Request Form
Reno Direct: 334-INFO (4636)

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Are you the property owner?
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Address of graffiti
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Except for the private property and public agencies listed below, graffiti paint-overs on private property, for which a consent of entry and waiver have been granted, and Reno City property are handled by a Washoe County work crew. However, graffiti paint-overs on the following property are handled directly by the property owners and graffiti complaints may be made to them at the following telephone numbers: *

  • Nevada Department of Highways: 834-8345
  • Reno Disposal Services: 329-8822, ext 317
  • US Postal Service (Maintenance Dept): 788-0785
  • Citifare: 846-2887

*If these companies and agencies cannot be reached because the complaint is made during non-business hours, holidays or for any other reason, call Reno Direct at the top of this form to make the report.

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